Martin Engineering releases data tracking technology with QR codes

By |  October 13, 2017

Martin Engineering’s latest data tracking technology includes adding QR codes to belt cleaners and other components. Photo courtesy of Martin Engineering

Martin Engineering introduced data tracking with QR codes on its belt cleaners and other components. To accompany this development, the company also released a smartphone app designed to help improve safety and reduce downtime.

According to Martin Engineering, the tracking program captures a wide array of information, creating a detailed record of all components. With the program, every inspection a technician makes will be logged, as will operational factors, the company says.

In addition, the tagging and capture ability of the program allows component data to be recorded and analyzed in detail. It allows the company to maintain detailed information about the product’s date of manufacture, installation and service history.

“The data tracking program will help us work with our customers to make better-informed decisions about what equipment to use in specific applications, more accurately predicting the expected wear life,” says Chris Schmelzer, director of the wear components business group for Martin Engineering. “The goal is to help ensure that all components are properly serviced and replaced during scheduled outages, before a major breakdown occurs and stops production.”

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