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By |  March 14, 2013

Major Wire’s wide variety of Flex-Mat 3 Modular High-Performance, Self-Cleaning screen media panel locking systems increase overall screening production without costly modifications. These locking systems, including Pin & Leg, Pin & Leg MAXI, Pin & Sleeve, Grooved, Step, Snap C, Snap P and Snap 2K, fit virtually any existing screen box. Snap- and step-type panels are available in 1-ft. x 2-ft. sizes, while the pin- and grooved-type panels are available in both 1-ft. x 2-ft. and 1-sq.-ft. sizes. All locking systems fit competitive dimensions as well. They install easily using the same fastening systems as traditional polyurethane and rubber panels, and are available in both stainless steel wire and Major Wire’s proprietary OptimumWire. Flex-Mat 3 Modular panels replace existing polyurethane and rubber panels wherever throughput is compromised, such as at the discharge ends when throughput is critical, or the entire deck for maximum production.

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