Major details the rebranding of Flex-Mat

By |  March 22, 2017

Major Wire Industries Ltd. representatives discussed the rebranding of the company’s Flex-Mat screen media technology at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017 and how they’re marketing the product in a new category centered on high-vibration wire screening.

“Our approach is to really enhance the benefits of the product,” says Fernando Abad, the company’s marketing director. “We want to explain to our customer the benefits they could have when using Flex-Mat.”

A redesigned website supports the new brand identity and the Flex-Mat messages the company wants to take to market.

“We want to communicate that we’ve always been here,” Abad says. “We have a new category. We have Flex-Mat. It’s not Flex-Mat 3 anymore; it’s just Flex-Mat. It’s a high-vibration wire screen.”

The company’s corporate identity has a new look and feel, as well.

“It’s Major,” Abad says. “Major is going to be the corporate identity that supports the brand with all of the services, training, facilities to distribute the product and international development. But our product is Flex-Mat, and our message is about creating a new category, getting away from self-cleaning and going with high vibration all the time.”

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