L&H Industrial showcases capabilities at MINExpo

By |  October 14, 2021
L&H Industrial showcased its crusher monitoring capabilities at MINExpo. Photo: P&Q Staff

L&H Industrial showcased its crusher monitoring capabilities at MINExpo International 2021. Photo: P&Q Staff

L&H Industrial demonstrated its crusher monitoring capabilities at MINExpo International 2021 following the company’s acquisition of Innotech Solutions.

Specifically, L&H Industrial’s Patrick Weaver offered the details.

“When we originally got [the technology] from Innotech it had like three gauges, a few buttons and it was designed with their tramp relief system,” says Weaver, who serves L&H Industrial as a product line manager overseeing mineral processing. “We’ve moved beyond that now to digitize it.”

According to Weaver, the L&H Industrial system not only monitors the crusher itself but the tramp-relief and adjustment systems – and more.

“It’s got a high-end PLC on it,” Weaver says. “Say you want to run multiple pieces of equipment from this. This generally runs the tramp relief system and adjustment system on a crusher. But we’ve put enough horsepower into the PLC that you literally could track what’s in your surge bin, for example, or [if you] want a zero-speed switch on a conveyor. This will do it all from here.”

The system is cloud-connected, simplifying problem-solving when issues arise.

“You’ll get a text and it’ll tell you about a problem,” Weaver says. “The operator comes over, and he can quickly check his phone or on here. It’s going to tell you what the fault is and what is recommended to do about it.”

Another crushing development

Weaver also discussed L&H Industrial’s partnership with Furlan, a Brazil-based company with jaw and cone crushing lines.

“If you look at their products, they’re very high end,” Weaver says. “They are very technologically advanced. All digitally controlled. They’re already building entire plants in South America for some of the major suppliers.”

Furlan doesn’t have a footprint in North America, he adds, but that’s where L&H Industrial comes in.

“It’s a very large spend to get [into North America] because you’re competing against the OEMs here,” Weaver says. “Plus, you must have the facilities to support it, and you must have the field people to support it.

“We already have all that,” he adds. “We’re already competing with the OEMs. So it was a natural fit.”

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