Legislative, regulatory developments to expect in 2023

By |  December 11, 2022


Another year is about gone, and the construction materials industry is positioned stronger than ever. 

People create New Year’s resolutions, and companies set yearly goals. 

At the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA), we are excited for the new year to come. We will continue to work on our long-term strategic plan for the association, and we’ll lead the advocacy efforts for our members and the aggregate industry in Washington.

Come January, the 118th Congress will be starting its new calendar year. This begins Jan. 3 with the ceremonial swearing-in parties and the education of new members. Our association fully understands how this process works. NSSGA is experienced in relationship building and sharing the impact of our industry with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

The start of a new Congress is also a key time for industry stakeholders. It is critical that companies share personal stories, highlight challenges and offer facility tours in order to establish and build relationships with elected officials. 

NSSGA strives to speak as a united voice in Washington on behalf of our members, the industry and other like-minded sectors. This outreach and collaboration allow us to amplify our voice in Washington and serve as a trusted resource. Both are also tenets of successful advocacy.

There will be many new offices to meet with in 2023. The clean slate presented represents an opportunity to introduce our industry as the essential component to building and modernizing the nation. We actually started this education process this past summer, through ROCKPAC, by hosting meet and greets with potential members of Congress running in districts where the industry has a large presence.

On the to-do list

Photo: P&Q Staff

The 118th Congress gets underway Jan. 3. Photo: P&Q Staff

Following up on our work in 2022, there are still several legislative processes and issues NSSGA will be working on. 

Passage of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) represents a massive investment in U.S. infrastructure. NSSGA will ensure IIJA’s implementation is accurately and effectively completed. 

For example, our team continues to monitor the implementation of the aggregate industry exemption to the Buy America provision. Additionally, there are other important industry provisions that will be enacted, such as the ROCKS Act, the REGROW Act and enhanced permit streamlining to make our industry stronger. 

Our workforce efforts will also continue, with our Workforce Task Force creating materials to assist NSSGA members. Legislatively, we will continue to work with members of Congress on the Mining School Act, which was introduced in the 117th Congress. This would establish a $10 million grant to support mining, engineering and geologic programs at colleges and universities. The bill will support scholarships and other ways to recruit the next generation of mining engineers and professionals that our industry so desperately needs.

Over the next year, our team will be vocal if any proposals pop up to suspend the gas tax. We will closely monitor any rail service updates and provide insight into the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency. NSSGA currently opposes any attempts by the Biden administration to finalize a rule involving the Waters of the United States until the Supreme Court’s ruling is published.

Additionally, in March, we will host the NSSGA Annual Convention and ConExpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas. These events would not be successful without NSSGA members, and we appreciate everyone’s participation and attendance. 

NSSGA has become known as a top advocacy association in Washington due to the active engagement of our members and the work of our staff collectively. Our mission is to advance public policies that protect and expand the safe, environmentally responsible use of aggregates that build America’s infrastructure and economy. 

Rest assured, we will continue to do just that in 2023 and beyond.

Michael Johnson is president and CEO of NSSGA.

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