Key moments in the aggregates industry throughout the past 100 years

By |  June 13, 2016

Pit & Quarry’s 100th anniversary provides reason for pause.

As a staff, we typically look ahead each day to the next issue that must be produced or to the next project that must be completed. Rarely do we get the chance to take a thorough look back on strides the industry has made over the years, let alone the last century.

The Pit & Quarry centennial, however, provides an opportunity to do just that.

One thing we’ve learned covering the industry over the years is that a number of the issues that have historically challenged aggregate producers remain. A look back through Pit & Quarry’s archives is proof that many of the challenges producers face today are similar to the ones the industry’s first producers encountered.

Now, that’s not to say the industry hasn’t made strides. It’s made considerable ones, in fact. But producers will seemingly always be lobbying for highway funds to drive demand for aggregates, and the industry continuously strives to enhance technologies and methodologies to make the production of stone, sand and gravel more efficient and safer.

From horse-drawn equipment to automotive-powered machines, a number of breakthroughs have emerged since 1916, Pit & Quarry’s inaugural year. The industry has absolutely come a long way.

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Megan Smalley is the associate editor of Pit & Quarry. Contact her at or 216-363-7930.

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