Johnson: Capex being reevaluated as confidence is 
slowly restored

By |  July 29, 2020
Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference 2020


Other than the obvious monetary policy moves by the Fed and potential fiscal policy stimulus proposed by the Trump administration, it seems as though business confidence is building and companies that were holding back on capital goods orders are rethinking that decision. I’ve heard this anecdotally from both distributors and manufacturers, so I have a tendency to believe it.

Lower interest rates should help in the residential and possibly the nonresidential space, and many of the states have taken at least part of the infrastructure funding into their own hands. Certain sectors of nonresidential may face some headwinds. I’m thinking of retail and office space, but institutional and other areas are still growing.

Dan Johnson is vice president of The Concrete Company, which is based in Columbus, Georgia.

Editor’s note: As part of our Road to Recovery coverage, P&Q is turning to some of the industry’s leaders for their takes on the road ahead. Leaders such as Johnson were posed with the following question: As you look to the remainder of 2020, what factors give you reason for optimism about the aggregate industry?

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