Inside Hanson Aggregates’ Penns Park Quarry

By |  December 21, 2018
Hanson Aggregates - Penns Park Quarry Conveyor, Newtown, Pennsylvania. Photo: Zach Mentz

Hanson Aggregates – Penns Park Quarry Conveyor, Newtown, Pennsylvania. Photo: Zach Mentz

COMPANY: Hanson Aggregates

SITE Penns Park Quarry, Newtown, Pennsylvania

THE DETAILS Five conveyors were required to move material from the primary crusher to the tertiary plant at Hanson Aggregates’ Penns Park Quarry in Newtown, Pennsylvania. But it’s one extra-long conveyor that always stood out as you peered into the multi-level pit from above.

The conveyor that seemed to go on forever, pictured, stretched about 900 ft. long and is angled at 21 degrees. Most of the quarry’s conveyors are angled at about 18 degrees, plant manager Doug Chilson says, but a steeper angle on the 900-footer was critical to ultimately get material out of the pit. The belt on the conveyor had a tensile strength of 1,200 PIW (pounds per inch of width), Chilson adds.

Adjacent to the 900-ft.-long conveyor was Hanson’s primary plant, which was located on the seventh level of the pit. Material was dumped onto this level from the sixth level before a Sandvik JM1513 jaw crusher and H8000 cone crusher reduced material.

“Everything is conveyed up out of the pit to our surge pile,” Chilson says. “We have three feeders in our surge tunnel. We pull it in to our scalping building. That goes across an 8-ft. x 24-ft. triple-deck screen.”
Material that Hanson didn’t pull off the screen was directed to a Sandvik H6800 cone crusher.

In October 2018, Hanson commenced a project to move its primary crusher to a higher level within the pit. The Penns Park system will continue to utilize an extra-long conveyor, albeit in a shorter configuration, the company says.

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