How Washington state’s aggregate producers are faring

By |  December 9, 2020
eadshot: Bruce Chattin, executive director, Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association; Washington chapter managing director, American Concrete Institute


Bruce Chattin, executive director of the Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association, discusses the state of the aggregate industry in the Evergreen State – and more – with P&Q.

Describe the current state of the industry within Washington in a word or two. 

Cautiously stable statewide

Describe your outlook for 2021. 

Somewhat optimistic

What factors are driving your 2021 outlook?

Elections and the impact on the economy and confidence; continuing COVID-19; continuing strong residential construction, commercial real estate, the sublease market, and projects put on hold.

What are the greatest opportunities available to aggregate producers in Washington?

Stabilizing their business for either a strong economy or a fluctuating economy.

What are the greatest challenges Washington producers face? 

An aerial view of Washington Rock Quarries' Kapowsin Quarry. Photo: Jonathan Hart

An aerial view of Washington Rock Quarries’ Kapowsin Quarry. Photo: Jonathan Hart

Continued runaway regulations, carbon tax, low carbon fuel standard, cap and invest, state backfilling unemployment deficit, and state budget $4 billion deficit on the backs of business.

How is Washington situated in terms of infrastructure funding for 2021 and beyond?

Not well at all

Can you characterize the state of infrastructure funding in Washington? 

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) continues to issue concerns on conditions of bridges and lack of investment in maintenance and preservation. Deferred maintenance practices will continue. Funding is needed to renew stalled projects, as WSDOT has lost approximately $100 million per month since March.

Do you expect a multi-year federal infrastructure bill to be passed in 2021?

Not sure

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