How North Carolina’s aggregate producers are faring

By |  December 17, 2020
Headshot: Jasper Stem, executive director, North Carolina Aggregates Association


Jay Stem, executive director of the North Carolina Aggregates Association, discusses the state of the aggregate industry in the Tar Heel State – and more – with P&Q.

Describe the current state of the industry within North Carolina in a word or two.


Describe your outlook for 2021.

Somewhat optimistic

What factors are driving your 2021 outlook?

The improved financial situation for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)

What are the greatest opportunities available to aggregate producers in North Carolina?

NCDOT highway lettings were suspended in April. With its financial situation improving over the past six months, NCDOT is starting to let projects again.

What are the greatest challenges North Carolina producers face? 

Finding stable, long-term funding for NCDOT so we don’t have a repeat of 2020. With NCDOT suspending highway lettings for six months and delaying many projects, I’m concerned about the disruption to the construction industry.   

How is North Carolina situated in terms of infrastructure funding for 2021 and beyond?

Somewhat well

Can you characterize infrastructure funding in North Carolina at the moment?

Outdated and unsustainable. NCDOT must diversify its funding sources. With a large portion of its revenue coming from the motor fuels tax, the pandemic really exposed the need to diversify.

Will a multi-year federal infrastructure bill be passed in 2021? 


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