How Georgia’s aggregate producers are faring these days

By |  December 11, 2020
Headline: Jeff Wansley, executive director, Georgia Construction Aggregate Association


Jeff Wansley, executive director of the Georgia Construction Aggregate Association, discusses the state of the aggregate industry in the Peach State – and more – with P&Q.

Describe the current state of the industry within Georgia in a few words.

In good shape versus other states

Describe your outlook for 2021.

Somewhat optimistic

What factors are driving your 2021 outlook? 

The slowdown in revenue for highway projects

What are the greatest opportunities available to aggregate producers in Georgia? 

Continued economic growth and SPLOST (special-purpose local-option sales tax) initiatives

What are the greatest challenges Georgia producers face? 

The slowdown in state revenue.

How is Georgia situated in terms of infrastructure funding for 2021 and beyond? 

Extremely well

Can you characterize infrastructure funding in Georgia? 

Very solid funding. Funds cannot be diverted to other state shortfalls.

Will a multi-year federal infrastructure bill be passed in 2021?

Not sure

Featured image: P&Q Staff

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