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How drones are saving lives

By |  April 30, 2018

The Skycatch Explore1 is one example of DJI’s drone technology. Photo courtesy of DJI.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles, more popularly known as drones, is a 21st-century topic of interest across numerous industries, and the aggregate industry is no exception.

While drones can help aggregate producers survey stockpiles, manage inventory and maximize revenue, they also have proved to be versatile when assisting in critical public safety missions.

In DJI’s report, “More Lives Saved: A Year Of Drone Rescues Around The World,” data shows at least 65 people have been saved by drones in the last year. The report highlights how improved drone technology, aviation regulations and rapid adoption by first responders have combined to increase drone usage relating to public safety.

“Drones allow rescuers to find a way to find missing people, delivery supplies like food and life vests, and cut search and response times from hours to minutes,” says Brendan Schulman, DJI vice president for policy and legal affairs. 

DJI, in conjunction with its report, has now counted at least 124 people around the world rescued by drones. The most recent report details how drones have dropped buoys to struggling swimmers in Australia and Brazil, spotted unconscious victims in sub-freezing weather in England and America, and found stranded people in mountains, rivers and fields.

According to the report, more than one person per week was rescued by drone technology over the last year, including at least 18 found by thermal imaging cameras. 

The report gathers accounts from news outlets and public safety agencies around the world, and includes 27 separate incidents on five continents.

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