How conveyor sales are trending in 2021

By |  June 21, 2021
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Although the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association says April 2021’s booked conveyor orders were up sizably compared to April 2020’s, this April’s orders were down compared to the prior month. Photo: P&Q Staff

The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) reports that April’s booked conveyor orders were up 15 percent compared with April 2020’s. This April’s booked conveyor orders were, however, down 14 percent compared with March 2021.

April’s booked orders for bulk handling equipment were up 1 percent compared to March. Also, April booked orders for unit handling equipment were down 19 percent compared to March’s booked orders.

CEMA also reports that this April’s shipments were up 68 percent compared to last April’s. April’s shipments dropped 17 percent compared to March, though.

April bulk handling equipment shipments increased 7 percent compared to March. The increase followed a 13 percent increase in March versus February.

Additionally, April unit handling equipment shipment dropped 20 percent compared to March. Unit handling equipment shipments were up 45 percent in March versus February.

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