How Colorado’s aggregate producers are faring these days

By |  December 18, 2020
Headshot: Todd Ohlheiser


Todd Ohlheiser, executive director of the Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, discusses the state of the aggregate industry in the Centennial State – and more – with P&Q.

Describe the current state of the industry within Colorado in a word or two. 

Rolling along

Briefly describe your outlook for 2021. 

Somewhat optimistic

What factors are driving your 2021 outlook? 

A safe vaccine for the virus

What are the greatest opportunities available to aggregate producers in Colorado? 

Commercial and residential development continues, and infrastructure funding is approved.

What are the greatest challenges Colorado producers face? 

If the virus carries well into 2021 and all commercial development stops, it will impact residential development – greatly impacting volumes. 

How is Colorado situated in terms of infrastructure funding for 2021 and beyond? 

Not well at all

Can you generally characterize infrastructure funding in Colorado? 

The Colorado Department of Transportation is underfunded, and if revenues from oil and gas development also negatively impact the tax base, it will get worse. 

Will a multi-year federal infrastructure bill be passed in 2021? 


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