Heat monitoring system to prevent worker injuries

By |  May 7, 2020

Kenzen heat monitoring system alerts are accompanied by actionable recommendations to decrease the worker’s body temperature. Photo: Kenzen

Kenzen launched a real-time heat monitoring system to allow for immediate intervention and worker safety from heat injuries.

The sensor-equipped device can be worn by workers on their arm to monitor multiple physiological and environmental metrics, including heart rate, activity, ambient and skin temperatures. Together, this data allows for real-time prediction of core body temperature, alerting workers and supervisors when temperatures approach unsafe levels.

The data is sent to workers via device vibration, iOS or Android app notification, Kenzen says, and is part of the Cloud-based Software as a Service system. Supervisors receive notifications via web dashboard alert.

Alerts are accompanied by actionable recommendations, including advising the worker to take a break, find shade, drink water or remove any excess clothing and equipment to decrease the worker’s body temperature. Afterwards, a second “back to work” alert indicates when the worker’s core body temperature has returned to a safe level.

“The Kenzen system is all about prediction and prevention,” says Heidi Lehmann, chief commercialization officer at Kenzen. “Heat-related injuries are 100 percent preventable, but potentially deadly and difficult to detect until it’s too late.”

According to the company, the Kenzen system is sold on a subscription basis and has been piloted in construction, oil and gas, field services, power and renewable energy industries.

Kenzen was founded in 2014 and creates products and platforms designed to keep work forces safe from heat, fatigue and overexertion on the job.

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