Great Lakes limestone shipments up in July 2017

By |  August 14, 2017

Shipments of limestone on the Great Lakes totaled 3.9 million tons in July, which is a 15.4 percent increase compared to July 2016, reports the Lake Carriers’ Association. July’s loadings were also slightly ahead of the month’s five-year average.

In addition, loadings from U.S. quarries totaled 3.16 million tons in July, a 22.3 percent increase compared with July 2016. Shipments from Canadian quarries totaled 700,000 tons, which is a decrease of 60,000 tons compared with the same time period in 2016.

According to the Lake Carriers’ Association, year-to-date, limestone shipments on the Great Lakes stands at 12.6 million tons, which is a decrease of 9.6 percent compared with the same period one year ago. Loadings from Michigan and Ohio quarries total 10.3 million tons and shipments from Ontario quarries total 2.35 million tons, a 1.4 percent and 13.4 percent decrease, respectively.

The Lake Carriers’ Association represents 13 American companies that operate 39 U.S. flag vessels on the Great Lakes and carry raw materials, such as iron ore, flux stone, aggregate, cement, coal, sand, grain and gypsum.

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