Goodyear releases tire monitoring system

By |  April 30, 2018

Tire data can be automatically uploaded via bluetooth to a phone or tablet through a cloud-based platform.Photo courtesy of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. released an enhanced version of its EMTrack OTR tire monitoring system to its worldwide customer base.

“The completely updated Goodyear EMTrack tire performance monitoring system will enable faster, even more accurate collection of critical tire data like tread depth, inflation levels and other indicators,” says Eric Matson, global field engineering manager at Goodyear. “The enhanced EMTrack system also offers convenient, cloud-based data storage and more robust reporting capabilities thanks to the addition of the newly introduced Goodyear EMTrack App. This will give mining, construction, quarry and port operators an enhanced platform so they can make even more informed decisions about their valuable tire assets.”

The company says the system eliminates manual tire data entry. Additionally, the system includes password-protected storage and real-time reporting.

The system works by using the Goodyear EMTrack scanning tool to capture tire inflation, tread depth and other critical measurements. Performance data automatically uploads via Bluetooth to a cloud-based platform for password-protected storage and easy access, where end users can then download the data into customizable reports that show tire performance.

The company says users can do all field testing with a phone or tablet that can then be connected to a computer via the cloud. Photo courtesy of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

“Through the Goodyear EMTrack App, a user can view collected tire data and reports simultaneously and in real time, regardless of their geographic location, for complete visibility,” Matson says.

End users can view performance data on tires across their operation. Users can view specific tires, calculating cost-per-hour, cost-per-ton and other metrics.

“Among other benefits, this will help end users identify, if applicable, maintenance opportunities to help ensure optimal tire performance,” Matson says. “And the information collected through Goodyear EMTrack can also help in forecasting future tire requirements. The needs of our customers are continually evolving.”

The company provides a quick inspection menu that allows end users to view each tire without a field inspection. Users can also add comments and up to five pictures on each tire report.

“The trusted products, worldwide support, reliable services and management tools that Goodyear offers – such as EMTrack – are also evolving. We are confident that the enhanced Goodyear EMTrack system can help improve end users’ operational efficiency and help lower their operating costs,” Matson says.

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