Georgia producers remain optimistic about 2024

By |  January 23, 2024
Headline: Jeff Wansley, executive director, Georgia Construction Aggregate Association


Jeff Wansley, executive director of the Georgia Construction Aggregate Association, spoke with P&Q about his positive outlook for the aggregate industry in 2024 based on its 2023 performance.

Describe the state of the aggregate industry within your state in a word or two.

Busy and thriving.

How did aggregate producers in your state fare in 2023 compared to your expectations coming into the year?

The industry met my expectations this year.

Describe your outlook for the aggregate industry in 2024?

Extremely optimistic.

What factors are driving your outlook for 2024?

There’s a good economy in Georgia, good business leadership and our DOT.

What are the greatest opportunities available to aggregate producers within your state in 2024?

Continued funding for projects.

What are the greatest challenges aggregate producers in your state will face in 2024?


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