Former mining site takes on unique new life

By |  July 20, 2015

Golf courses. Parks. Residential communities.

These are a few of the things former aggregate sites and other mines have been restored to over the years. They’re also among the more traditional uses of former mining sites.

But there are non-traditional uses of sites, as well. A former coal mine in a small Scottish town took on a non-traditional new life this summer as land art.

Crawick Multiverse, which the land restoration and art project is called, uses landscape art to transform a former open-cast coal mine into an outdoor space. Landscape artist Charles Jencks redesigned the site, linking space, astronomy and cosmology to create the unique Scottish landmark that recently opened to the public.

Neville Hawcock, a writer at the Financial Times, describes the site as “a child’s sandcastle complex scaled up to giant size.”

Crawick Multiverse truly is a sight to see. Check out a photo gallery of it here.

Kevin Yanik

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