Fenner Dunlop launches conveyor belt

By |  May 25, 2022

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Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting debuted the OptimaHeat Xtreme, its new high-heat-resistant conveyor belt.

The OptimaHeat Xtreme combines Nova-Xtreme, a tough, flexible single-ply fabric, with OptimaHeat, a new cover compound, protecting the carcass under extreme conditions, Fenner Dunlop says.

Nova-Xtreme is a single-unit carcass specifically designed for higher-heat applications. According to the company, a single-ply carcass means it is not prone to delamination caused by impact, trough transitions and flexing around pulleys, as well as heat aging to the skim compound that causes plies to separate and fail.

Single-ply construction also increases splice efficiency, Fenner Dunlop says, and the use of a finger splice joint means up to 90 percent of the belt’s tensile strength is retained.

The OptimaHeat compound is designed to withstand maximum continuous material temperatures up to 400 degrees and extreme peak temperatures as high as 750 degrees.

The conveyor belt’s rubber is also resistant to abrasive wear and features strong adhesion, the company adds.

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