Feds push to boost funding for infrastructure projects

By |  November 6, 2015

As the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate prepare to negotiate a new highway bill, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is pushing lawmakers to boost the funding for infrastructure projects, reports The Hill.

Lawmakers are going to conference soon over a multiyear highway-funding bill after the House passed a $325 billion, six-year highway bill in a 363-64 vote. The Senate also passed a six-year highway bill that contains three years of guaranteed funding. Both entities must beat a Nov. 20 deadline for renewing federal infrastructure funding.

After the House vote on Thursday, Foxx encouraged lawmakers they should try to find the money for the additional three years of transportation funding and increase the amount of money given to each state for construction projects each year, according to The Hill.

The bill passed by the House calls for spending $261 billion on highways and $55 billion on transit over six years. It requires Congress to come up with the final three years of transportation funding.

“After 35 short-term extensions, the long winter of uncertainty may finally be coming to an end,” Foxx says. “The country has been hungry for Democrats and Republicans to come together to fix our roads, unlock stronger economic growth and prepare our nation for a brighter future. As this issue moves to conference, all of us should work together to make the final measure a true six-year bill with funding growth that puts America in a position to win the future.”

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