Fastec Imaging releases high-speed camera

By |  October 13, 2017

Fastec Imaging introduced its TS5 handheld high-speed camera that offers a way to record mining and blasting operations.

The TS5 camera. Photo courtesy of Fastec Imaging.

According to the company, the camera provides high frame rates and global shuttering, offering distortion-free, accurately-clocked imagery.

High-speed imaging is used to determine the effects of blasts or the actual firing times of blastholes and the nature of rock movement.

Delay detonators provide the timing blasts needed under specific blasting conditions. Blastholes firing at incorrect times reduce rock fragmentation, effect blast movement and can increase blast vibrations.

The portable camera is battery-operated with a built-in LCD touch screen and on-screen controls. According to the company, four models are available with resolutions from 2560 x 2080 at 230 framers per second (fps) to 800 x 600 at 1650 fps. All models record more than 3200 fps at VGA resolution and more than 29,000 fps at smaller resolutions. The TS5 can save high-quality image sequences to the onboard media while simultaneously recording bursts of images at a time.

“Because of its highly integrated, handheld design, the TS5 high-speed camera is uniquely suited for recording and playing back slow-motion video of blasting events for immediate analysis and confirmation of complete detonation,” says Tim Brandt, product manager for Fastec Imaging.

The TS5 can be operated as a self-contained camera or controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via Fastec FasMotion software on PC/Mac, or via the built-in web interface on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The FasMotion application has advanced time- and image-based triggering modes, and transfers of uncompressed images via Gigabit Ethernet at rates of 50 to 80 megabytes per second to most PCs.

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