Equipment to enhance washing, classifying operations

By |  June 4, 2024

Sandmaster wash plants are designed to improve portability and simplify assembly, maintenance and operation, according to Weir Minerals. The compact, semimobile units can be installed and commissioned in a short period of time and relocated with ease, the company says. Offerings include single- and dual-grade sand washing units, with key wear locations rubber lined for added wear resistance. Weir Minerals says Sandmaster wash plants are especially useful in washing fine and coarse sands, including dry sand and sand slurry.

Screen brings durability and more to dewatering

The P2-168 Infinity screen from CDE features a processing capacity of up to 700 tph, according to CDE. The P2-168 is the largest model in the Infinity range, and CDE says it is designed specifically for the U.S. market. According to the company, the construction of Infinity screens makes them fundamentally different from other screens on the market. With no welds in the sidewalls, a galvanized structure and a VibroSync drive mechanism providing control and even distribution of power, CDE says the P2-168 offers increased durability and prolonged operational life for advanced screening and dewatering performance.

Plant produces drip-free, saleable sand

The Falcon sand washing plant offers high product yield in a compact washing system that produces a drip-free, stackable, easy-to-handle product, according to EIW (Eagle Iron Works). The Falcon is a sump-fed system comprised of a sump pump, hydrocyclones, a dewatering screen and a pump. A slurry feed is collected in the sump of the system, where it is pumped to hydrocyclones for classification. Product-sized solids are discharged out the bottom of the hydrocyclone and onto a dewatering screen, while fines and excess water overflow out the top of the hydrocyclone, according to EIW. The dewatering screen then removes any excess moisture from the product and discharges a drip-free, ready-to-sell sand.

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