Durex Products Modular Urethane Screen Panels

By |  December 2, 2020
Photo: Durex

Photo: Durex

Durex Products offers a complete line of modular urethane screen panels for wet and dry applications. Durex has developed specialized polymer formulas for high wear and abrasive applications. Durex polyurethane screen media is easy to install and provides both long wear life and elasticity. The company’s modular urethane panels feature tapered openings that are wider at the bottom, reducing plugging and increasing throughput.

Durex offers a wide range of urethane screening products. Panel options below are offered with slot direction as parallel or right-angle to material flow.

  • Modular Classic
  • Modular 2k
  • Modular Knock-In Bar
  • Modular P-Pin
  • Modular P-Pin Maxi


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