Durex full line of screen media and liners

By |  January 7, 2022
Photo: Durex

Photo: Durex Products

Urethane Modular Screens – Specialized urethane formulas deliver solutions for high-wear and abrasive applications. Urethane screen media panels available in snap-in, pin-style, knock-in, and bolt-in systems.

Woven and Slot Wire Screens – Made of high-quality oil-tempered, stainless or high-carbon steel, woven-wire screen allows the use of lighter-gauge wire, while still providing excellent wear life.

Self-Cleaning Wire Screens – Self-cleaning screens offer effective solutions to blinding, plugging, and pegging issues. Durex self-cleaning screens include Livewire, Accuslot, and Vibraspan screens.

Side-Tensioned Screens – Armor, Cable-Reinforced, and Perforated-Plate Screens.

Wear Liners – Magnetic, plain, plug-weldable, and bolt-on liners for screen boxes, crusher mainframes, feed boxes, chutes, flumes, and discharge openings.

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