Duff: Having a functioning Congress is a big key

By |  October 21, 2020
headshot: Ross Duff, Duff Quarry


Editor’s note: P&Q turned to some of the industry’s leaders for their takes on the 2020 presidential election. Leaders were posed with the following questions in advance of this month’s issue: How do the potential outcomes of the upcoming presidential election impact your outlook on the aggregate industry? What effects would another four years of President Trump have on the industry? What effects would a Biden administration have on the industry?

Simply put, the presidential election will not impact the outlook on the industry nearly as much as getting a functioning Congress that can agree and work together to pass legislature bills – particularly highway and infrastructure bills.

There are  dark days ahead on road and infrastructure budgets at all government levels that are directly tied to tax revenue reductions from COVID-19. Congress will need to act at the federal level. Regardless of your political position, I hope come November everyone votes and a functioning Congress is the end result.

Ross Duff is vice president at Duff Quarry based in Huntsville, Ohio.

Featured image: Duff Quarry

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