Doosan introduces crawler excavator series

By |  July 20, 2022
Doosan says its new -7 Series crawler excavators feature interior enhancements, new performance features, four power modes and more. Photo: Doosan

Doosan says its new -7 Series crawler excavators feature interior enhancements, new performance features, four power modes and more. Photo: Doosan

Doosan Infracore North America introduced its -7 Series crawler excavators in the U.S. and Canada.

The initial launch includes four models, with more excavators to be announced in the coming months. The first models are the Doosan DX140LCR-7, DX225LC-7, DX255LC-7 and DX350LC-7.

Doosan says its -7 Series crawler excavators deliver fuel efficiency and productivity for operators.

“Doosan continues to build on the success of its existing excavator platform with more machine features that help our customers improve their productivity,” says Joel Escalante, product specialist at Doosan. “We’ve enhanced the excavator cab with additional comfort features and now offer an all-around view monitor for even better operator visibility of the jobsite.”

Updates to the -7 Series excavators include a strengthened work group with reinforced castings and forged steel pivot points for withstanding high-impact work. A new Y-shaped seal at the end of the excavator’s arm provides better sealing to the bucket connection for more performance and durability, according to Doosan.

Doosan added material to the excavator’s mainframe for higher performance and jobsite versatility. The excavator’s X-chassis undercarriage further enhances durability and stability, while the track chain is sealed and self-lubricating for reduced maintenance, Doosan says. Cast-steel, heavy-duty sprockets are designed to stand up to challenging work environments, and track rollers and idlers are provided with oil level-check plugs to improve machine uptime.

Machine enhancements

The redesigned -7 Series models are also built to reduce noise and vibration. Inside the cab is an optional heated and cooled air-suspension seat, ergonomically designed joystick controls and a new 8-in. touch screen. The new cabs also have a single wiper that clears both the top and bottom of the front window during inclement weather.

Also included in the -7 Series line is the Doosan Smart Key. The key fob allows operators to unlock the cab and start the excavator’s engine with the push of a button.

The touch screen is multilingual and comes standard on all -7 Series crawler excavators. From the screen, operators can monitor critical machine functions and control machine settings, rearview camera, heating and cooling, radio and Bluetooth.

Monitoring system

The optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system displays a full view of the machine’s surroundings, designed to offer users greater confidence when operating or positioning the machine in tight work areas. Five visual perspectives can be seen from the separate AVM monitor: top view, rear view, top right view, rear corner view and 3D view. The AVM camera system can be linked with optional ultrasonic detection sensors for an additional level of awareness of objects behind the machine, the company says.

Attachments for Doosan's -7 Series crawler excavators are designed to match the excavator's load rating and hydraulic performance. Photo: Doosan

Attachments for Doosan’s -7 Series crawler excavators are designed to match the excavator’s load rating and hydraulic performance. Photo: Doosan

Performance features

Doosan says the -7 Series allows operators to lift more weight with each cycle and complete their jobs faster. The standard counterweight provides improved machine stability when using heavier attachments. With an optimal swing radius, lift height and tilt position, operators can lift and place loads and dig with greater productivity.

The -7 Series crawler excavators (weighing between 14 metric tons and 25 metric tons) offer an upgraded, cast push link with a reinforced lifting eye that delivers a five-metric-ton lifting capacity. This design allows operators to remove an attachment and lift directly to fully utilize the machine’s lifting capacity, Doosan says.

New for the -7 Series is the fine swing function. This minimizes the shaking of a lifted object that occurs at the beginning or end of the swing movement. This feature aims to improve safety in pipe laying and maintain the bucket heap to maximize productivity, the company says.

Doosan adds that the new reduced tail swing counterweight design, along with the tighter front minimum swing radius on the reduced tail swing models, allows operators to work in confined areas ­– such as waste transfer stations and single-lane roadways – without sacrificing machine performance.

Doosan attachments are designed to match the excavator load ratings and hydraulic performance. A 16-gallons-per-minute PTO (power take-off) pump improves the performance of various excavator attachments that require more hydraulic flow.

Technology innovations

The DoosanCONNECT telematics system comes standard on all -7 Series crawler excavators, so customers can remotely monitor and maintain their machines.

This equipment diagnostic tool monitors the health, location and productivity of Doosan construction equipment from a mobile app and website. The data pulled from the machines is uploaded automatically to the DoosanCONNECT online system using dual-mode communications (cellular and satellite) for maximum coverage. Doosan dealers can access the machine data and work with customers to resolve issues or make preventive maintenance recommendations to minimize downtime.

According to the company, DoosanCONNECT telematics can help prevent theft with a geofencing feature through GPS tracking, avoid unauthorized use of the machine, see when maintenance is due, customize alerts to the customer’s schedule and track oil pressure, operating temperature and more.

Power modes

Doosan continues to offer four selectable power modes. Power+ mode delivers what Doosan says are the fastest work group speeds to save more time when loading trucks, along with extra power for digging in hard ground and other tough conditions.

Meanwhile, power mode aims to provide quick truck loading and fast travel speed to save time, Doosan says, and standard power mode optimizes fuel consumption and is designed for everyday digging, grading and lifting.

According to the company, economy mode reduces fuel consumption for low-demand applications and slows down machine movement, which is ideal for fine digging, light grading conditions and jobsite conditions that require extra precision.

Coming soon

Available this year, Doosan is adding a new electronically-controlled model with machine-assisted technologies. The fully electro-hydraulic control system on the DX225LC-7X crawler excavator aims to offer advanced machine guidance and machine control systems, including a 2D and upgradable 3D grading system for accurate earthmoving and grading work.

This technology includes programmable joystick switches for ease of operation, a fully electronic joystick, a rotary sensor and equipment sensors on the boom, arm, bucket and upper body of the DX225LC-7X, including a laser catcher.

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