Cutting-edge equipment for quarry operations

By |  June 10, 2024

The DustBoss DB-45 Surge is the next iteration of BossTek’s Surge series, featuring a pressurized center nozzle paired with a fan and misting ring system to suppress surface dust and airborne particulates. With three remote-controlled stages and precision oscillation for optimum command over water volume and coverage area, Bosstek says the DB-45 Surge delivers the dependability of atomized mist along with jet-to-plume nozzle technology that surges over 200 ft. – even in windy conditions. As the company describes, the result is a maneuverable, autonomous and versatile dust control solution for outdoor operations in all weather conditions.

Longer-lasting idlers emerge following research, investments

Superior Industries unveiled redesigned conveyor idlers, pointing to three areas as key contributors to the product enhancements. First, Superior’s idlers feature an ironclad weld joint at tube to end disc. A flush end disc prevents material entrapment between the roll and frame, Superior says, and weld bead is securely housed within the roll’s structure to offer added durability. Second, Superior revamped the designs of its idler bearing seals, noting that its Titanium seal provides extended longevity in demanding applications. Third, the company says manufacturing upgrades are a factor in its enhanced product, with the integration of robotics ensuring a level of consistency not previously seen.

Wheel wash systems impact cleanliness, compliance

MobyDick wheel wash systems prevent track-out onto public roads with innovative technology. Designed to tackle the challenge of minimizing dirt and debris carried by vehicles onto highways and streets, MobyDick says its wheel wash systems provide a thorough cleaning of trucks and equipment before they hit the road. By effectively removing mud, debris and contaminants, the company says its systems enhance road safety and reduce the impact on the environment. With customizable solutions tailored to diverse industry needs, MobyDick says it sets a new standard for cleanliness, compliance and safety on public roads.

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