CRH remains atop USGS’s sand and gravel producer rankings

By |  February 7, 2024

The top 10

Photo: P&Q Staff

Knife River remains at the No. 4 position on the U.S. Geological Survey’s top 100 sand and gravel producers list. Photo: P&Q Staff

10. Argos USA (previous ranking: 11th)
9. Teichert (previous ranking: 8th)
8. Heidelberg Materials (previous ranking: 6th)
7. Holcim (previous ranking: 5th)
6. Cemex USA (previous ranking: 7th)
5. Summit Materials (previous ranking: 9th)
4. Knife River Corp. (previous ranking: 4th)
3. Martin Marietta (previous ranking: 3rd)
2. Vulcan Materials Co. (previous ranking: 2nd)
1. CRH Americas Materials (previous ranking: 1st)

The top four sand and gravel producers remain unchanged from a year ago, with CRH Americas Materials (No. 1) retaining the top spot. CRH is once again followed, in order, by Vulcan Materials Co. (No. 2), Martin Marietta (No. 3) and Knife River Corp. (No. 4). Summit Materials (No. 5) gains the most ground, rising from its ninth position of a year ago. Cemex USA (No. 6), Teichert (No. 9) and Argos USA (No. 10) gain ground, as well. Holcim (No. 7), meanwhile, slips out of the top five, and Heidelberg Materials (No. 8) loses two spots. Also, USGS says the top 10 producers accounted for 27 percent (254 million metric tons) of the nation’s sand and gravel in 2022.

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