CRH remains atop USGS’s sand and gravel producer rankings

By |  February 7, 2024

Nos. 26-50

The new plant produces two spec sands. Photo: P&Q Staff

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the top 100 producers accounted for 52 percent of the nation’s sand and gravel in 2022. The total volume produced by the top 100 that year was 496 million metric tons. Photo: P&Q Staff

50. All American Asphalt Co. (previous ranking: 57th)
49. Permian Basin Materials (previous ranking: 79th)
48. Wm. Mueller & Sons (previous ranking: 70th)
47. Haas (previous ranking: 45th)
46. Irving Materials (previous ranking: 47th)
45. CAPA (previous ranking: 43rd)
44. Aggregate Resources (previous ranking: 46th)
43. Clayton Sand Co. (previous ranking: 42nd)
42. R.E. Janes Gravel Co. (previous ranking: 44th)
41. Watson Gravel (previous ranking: 41st)
40. Rasmussen Group (previous ranking: 51st)
39. Rogers Group (previous ranking: 39th)
38. The Olen Corp. (previous ranking: 33rd)
37. Las Vegas Paving Corp. (previous ranking: 40th)
36. FST Sand & Gravel (previous ranking: 38th)
35. Dan Gernatt Gravel Products (previous ranking: 32nd)
34. Couch Aggregates (previous ranking: 37th)
33. Thelen Sand & Gravel (previous ranking: 34th)
32. Peak Sand & Gravel (previous ranking: 35th)
31. Sibson Gravel (previous ranking: 30th)
30. Wildcatter Sand Services (previous ranking: 31st)
29. Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Co. (previous ranking: 29th)
28. Edw. C. Levy Co. (previous ranking: 28th)
27. Holliday Rock Co. (previous ranking: 24th)
26. Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (previous ranking: 26th)

The movement of the sand and gravel producers in this group is more subtle than the previous two groups. The biggest riser here is Permian Basin Materials (No. 49), which climbs 30 positions. Wm. Mueller & Sons (No. 48) leaps into the top 50 after picking up 22 spots, and Rasmussen Group (No. 40) gains 10 spots. All American Asphalt Co. (No. 50) also inches into the top 50 after picking up seven spots. The producer with the biggest fall in the group is The Olen Corp. (No. 38), although it only slips by five positions.

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