Conn-Weld Cardan Shafts

By |  December 21, 2023
Photo: Conn-Weld

Photo: Conn-Weld

Conn-Weld Cardan Shafts are engineered for customers unique applications. Cardan shafts can be used with Conn-Weld’s dewatering, incline, and horizontal vibrating screens. In addition, Conn-Weld can customize cardan shafts to be used with customer’s existing feeder systems.

Advantages include:

  • Directly drives machine promoting proper torque transfer of power.
  • Isolates motor from vibrating force
  • Cardan shaft utilizes U joints to prevent misalignment.
  • Lessens downtime not having to change belts.
  • No belt slippage
  • Keeps belt distanced from debris preventing it from getting into drive system.
  • Allows for limited space and ease of alignment.
  • Offers a simplified way to guard.

Learn more here: Cardan Shaft with Marvin Woodie – Conn-Weld

Contact Conn-Weld today to assess your application utilizing Cardan Shafts by visiting, emailing us at, or by calling 304.487.1421.

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