Conco shares experience with new rigid hauler

By |  July 31, 2017

From soil conditioner to building material and toothpaste filler to decorative garden rocks, limestone has many uses.

Found throughout the world, vast quantities of limestone are located in Missouri. Two examples of such abundant deposits are owned by long-standing family business Conco Companies.

“Over the last seven decades Conco has grown from a small operation with just seven employees and four trucks to almost 200 staff members and close to 100 delivery trucks,” says Chris Upp, vice president and general manager of the quarry division at Conco. “Despite the large-scale growth of the company, we are still very much a family business and we pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with our customers through excellent service.”

Founded in 1947, Conco was set up by Ralph Reed and his stepson Tom Baird. With a primary focus on the production of ready-mix concrete, Conco sailed through its first decade of business and made the decision to purchase Garrett Construction Co. in 1958.

The assimilation helped the company become a leader in the industry by significantly expanding its operations. The acquisition also led to the corporation becoming the owner of two quarries, giving rise to Conco Quarries.

Seamless operation

Photo courtesy of Terex Trucks.

Well suited to the environment of the quarry, the hauler is designed to bear the weight of the abrasive rocks at high volume. Photos courtesy of Terex Trucks.

To help continue the smooth running of its operations at its facility in Willard, Missouri, the company recently purchased Terex Trucks’ TR70, a 72-ton capacity rigid hauler.

Designed to aid maximum production with minimum effort, the machine is working 10-hour days hauling limestone from the face of the quarry to the crusher.

Supplied by GW Van Keppel, Terex Trucks’ Midwest dealer, Conco opted for the TR70 as part of an ongoing equipment renewal program. The business decided the dump truck was a fit for its operation due to its haulage capacity, which exceeded that of its existing machines by 30 tons.

Well suited to the environment of the quarry, which is made up of wide roads, the hauler is designed to bear the weight of the abrasive rocks at high volume, according to Terex Trucks.

“When we got the call from GW Van Keppel that Conco was keen to put one of our trucks to work in its Willard facility we knew the TR70 would fit right in,” says Dan Meara, regional sales manager at Terex Trucks. “We worked together to create a competitive offer. Once the deal was done, we did two days of training with operators on site at the quarry and the machine has been delivering since.”

Powerful performance

Photo courtesy of Terex Trucks.

The TR70 works 10-hour days hauling crushed limestone. Photo courtesy of Terex Trucks.

The TR70 is fitted with a Detroit Diesel MTU-2000TA 12-cylinder, 24-liter engine that provides a maximum torque of 2,450 pound-foot and gross power of 760 hp. The rigid hauler features a high-capacity body with exhaust heating to limit carry-back and increase productivity, while a 15-degree sloping tail chute gives good retention and permits controlled dumping into the crusher.

Effective gearing coupled with optimum weight distribution also means the machine can move more material using less fuel, less fuss and in less time.

“The truck is a welcome addition to the operation we run at our Willard facility,” Upp says. “We provide vital services to our community here at Conco. We have many high-priority customers, so everything we crush we sell, meaning downtime simply isn’t an option. Our expectations for the TR70 were big and it’s done well to help increase productivity.”

Information in this article courtesy of Terex Trucks.

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