Colorado School of Mines adds new technology into safety program

By |  March 29, 2017

The Colorado School of Mines incorporated the Mobilize Rescue Systems into its Energy, Mining and Construction Industry Safety (EMCIS) program.

According to Mobilize Rescue Systems, the system enables bystanders to manage medical emergencies such as severe bleeding, allergic reactions, or cardiac arrest even without professional training.

“We are trying to impart the idea that acting in the event of an injury improves the chances of a person surviving,” says Collin Smith, the director of operations at the Colorado School of Mines’ EMCIS program. “Students retain far more information when they perform a hands-on activity rather than traditional didactic instruction. Incorporating Mobilize Rescue Systems into our training allows us to get students out of their seats and work on the problem.”

The Mobilize Rescue System includes the knowledge and equipment necessary for employees to intervene during a crisis, the company says. The system comes in the form of an interactive, diagnostic app that corresponds to the medical supplies included in each unit. The app allows users to assess problems and learn in real-time how to manage emergencies.

Mobilize Rescue Systems, founded in 2015, aims to equip bystanders with the resources necessary to respond to medical emergencies.

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