Caterpillar makes strategic investment in natural gas engines

By |  October 2, 2012

A business director at Caterpillar Inc. recently made a major endorsement of natural gas in high-horsepower applications, stating the company’s intention to go “all in” on natural gas and produce even more natural gas-fueled equipment and engines for various applications.

Joel Feucht, Caterpillar’s director of gas engine strategy for the energy and power systems businesses, stated Caterpillar’s intention Sept. 27 during his keynote address at the inaugural Natural Gas for High Horsepower Applications (HHP) Summit in Houston.

“We have decided to go all in on gas,” Feucht said. “We are going to invest because we see a global market long term. Large engines are going gas. It’s not debatable, it’s our conclusion.”

The remarks confirmed that Caterpillar will provide natural gas fuel as an option for engines across its many high horsepower lines in mining and other industries such as marine, earthmoving and drilling. Caterpillar recently announced its first expected liquefied natural gas-powered products will likely include Cat 793, 795 and 797 mining trucks.

“There is huge economic incentive to move to natural gas,” Feucht said, noting that the prices of oil and gas are going to stay disconnected for the foreseeable future, thereby creating an economic incentive to use natural gas in high-horsepower applications.

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