Breaker Technology Inc. TTX Rockbreaker System

By |  March 30, 2018

breaker-technology-incBTI’s TTX Rockbreaker System with a BXR85 Breaker is mounted at Luckstone Quarry’s Bull Run Plant’s gyratory crusher site in Virginia. Impressed with BTI’s newer technology and happy with its reliability, Luckstone replaced an older BTI machine from the mid-1990s in spring 2016.

“The new Rockbreaker has an 8500-pound hammer, which is enough power to bring down any big rocks or any material that lodges in the bridge,” says operator Kawliga Ramsburg. “The hammer is a nice size and it’s a lot faster than equipment I’ve used in the past.”

With the help of BTI’s TTX Rockbreaker System, Luckstone’s Bull Run Plant processes 2500 tons of rock per day.

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