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By |  April 19, 2021
BME blasting equipment

Photo: BME

Axxis electronic detonation systems allow blasthole firing times to be downloaded from Blastmap into the Axxis logger for quick, reliable detonator programming, according to BME. Data from the Axxis logger can be analyzed after a blast to ensure the actual initiation matched the blast design. According to BME, the next version of its system –  Axxis Titanium – is due to be released within the next year onto the global market. BME promises the next version will be the most advanced electronic blast detonation system in the world.


Dyno Nobel blasting equipment

Photo: Dyno Nobel

Surface blasting units provide simplification benefits

The EZshot EZDet (EZD) series for surface blasting consists of a green shock tube with a surface detonator attached to one end and a high-strength (#12) in-hole electronic detonator on the other. The surface detonator is set inside of a color-coded plastic EZ connector block to facilitate easy connections to shock tube leads, and it can hold up to six shock tube leads. Easy-to-read, color-coded delay tags display the delay number and nominal firing time prominently to ensure ease of use. According to Dyno Nobel, units can easily be connected to one another to satisfy basic blast design requirements in quarry, mining and construction operations. They can also be used in combination with Nonel MS, Nonel EZTL and Nonel TD detonators for complex blast design requirements, minimizing inventory of initiation system components.

Sauls Seismic blasting equipment

Photo: Sauls Seismic

Elevate security, simplify data management

NOW Access is a new, state-of-the-art data management system from Sauls Seismic featuring the highest levels of security combined with ease and functionality of use. Key features include seismic events being emailed or text messaged within minutes of each blast, and seismic data being reviewed and validated internally so that only true blast notifications are received. This last part eliminates receiving false triggers. Additionally, NOW Access is mobile friendly. A data entry option automatically updates site-specific K factor, and date-specific reporting exports to Microsoft Excel. Aerial mapping of pre-blast inspections, graph locations, and current and historic blast locations are other features.

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