Bailey-Parks Urethane Diamondback Thickness Calculator App

By |  October 28, 2015

Get the new Bailey Parks Diamondback┬« Thickness Calculator App. Use the Bailey Parks Diamondback┬« Thickness Calculator to help determine the necessary thickness of your sheet liner material. This calculator is based on proven formulas used by Bailey Parks Urethane Inc. over the past 20+ years. It pertains to our Standard Diamondback┬« Sheet Material. However, the results are approximate and may vary depending on conditions. We’ve created a new thickness calculator app for Android and the iPhone. It’s the first app of within the urethane industry. It’s an awesome tool that assists customers and sales associates in determining the best thickness of the poly-urethane sheets which ultimately saves money on top of eliminating waste. Simply select the type of product that will transport through your hoppers, troughs and equipment in order to determine the material density. Then type in the impact angle of the area to be protected. This is a range of 0-90 degrees. Next, fill in the height of free fall or drop, in feet only. Lastly, give the largest size of the product in inches, select “Calculate,” and in an instant you will have the recommended thickness of your urethane sheet.

Please go to your phone’s app store, down load this free app and receive all the benefits and knowledge that it has to offer.

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