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Lars Bräunling is director of product technology at Major.

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Tips for safely and efficiently installing screen media Posted on 07 Nov 2022 in the featured & Features & From the Magazine categories.

Major's Lars Bräunling provides tips to prepare employees to install screen media effectively.Read More

How vibration analysis makes life easier for screens Posted on 10 Jan 2022 in the featured & Features & From the Magazine categories.

Lars Bräunling of Major explains how aggregate producers can use vibration analysis tech to prevent unforeseen breakdowns, as well as optimize performance.Read More

Avoid unplanned downtime with screen media maintenance Posted on 29 Oct 2020 in the featured & Features & From the Magazine categories.

Waiting until screen media panels break to change them out may not be beneficial. Here are some tips to keep costs low when it comes to screening equipment.Read More

Tips to prolong the life of your screen media Posted on 13 Aug 2020 in the featured & Features categories.

Producers need to prioritize proper screen media maintenance, including selection, installation and storage for fewer changeouts and higher quality product.Read More

Five winter maintenance tips for screen media Posted on 16 Jan 2020 in the Features & Start-Up Guide categories.

Whether shutting down for the winter or pressing through, aggregate processing operations must take steps to maintain productivity and minimize maintenance costs.Read More