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Blaster’s guide to lightning safety Posted on 19 Oct 2020 in the featured & Features & From the Magazine categories.

There are a number of precautions sites must take to protect blast crews from dangers caused by thunderstorms and lightning.

Blasting: The story of breaking rock Posted on 11 Sep 2020 in the featured & Features categories.

The final chapter in P&Q’s special series offers a history of blast design and what’s ahead to optimize quarry blasting.

Blasting Through the Ages: The evolution of initiation systems Posted on 05 Aug 2020 in the Features categories.

Step through time and observe how miners of the past initiated blasts, as well as how initiation systems became safer and more reliable.

Blasting Through the Ages: Explosive advancement through the ages Posted on 20 Jul 2020 in the featured & Features categories.

From Greek fire to packaged emulsions, explosives morphed dramatically over two millenniums into the sophisticated solutions available today.

Blasting Through the Ages: A brief history of drilling Posted on 11 Jun 2020 in the featured & Features categories.

P&Q debuts a four-part series with a reflection on drilling’s centuries-old history and an exploration of exciting technology to come.

Blast performance based on violence Posted on 08 Jan 2020 in the featured & Features categories.

Violence factor is a revolutionary KPI that managers can quickly use to assess blast performance.

Evaluating the effectiveness of powder factor Posted on 12 Jun 2019 in the featured & Features categories.

Powder factor design, which does not provide any indication of breakage, muck pile characteristics or environmental considerations, is a dated approach that ultimately costs producers.

Blasting mechanics: Material properties and powder factor Posted on 17 Apr 2019 in the featured & Features categories.

Read about the true influence rock strength, rock structure, velocity and powder factor have on a quarry blast’s effectiveness.