Allu to feature multiple lines at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020

By |  January 27, 2020

Allu will display equipment from its Transformer and Processor lines at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020. Photo courtesy of Allu

Allu will feature a range of equipment at ConExpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas, including the company’s Transformer and Processor, at its Central Hall booth (C20326) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Allu’s show display will include the Transformer DL 2-0 with 8-mm TS blades; the Transformer DH 3-17 with 16/32 TS blades; the Transformer DH 4-17 with 25/50 TS blades; the Transformer M 3-20 with 50-mm TS blades; and the Processor 300HD.

According to the company, the TS blades are a modern development for the screening and crushing market and will further enable customers to utilize their Allu Transformer in numerous ways.

The Allu Processor, on the other hand, is a power mixer attachment that converts any excavator into a versatile mixing tool that can penetrate and mix difficult materials, including clay, silt, peat, sludge and sediment, dredged material and contaminated soil.

The Processor 300HD is fitted to and powered by the excavator’s hydraulic system and benefits from the machine’s ability to reach difficult or soft areas, according to Allu. In addition, because the attachment is able to mix materials everywhere the excavator goes, binders or chemical agents can be delivered to the area of highest mixing shear via an attached 80-mm-diameter pipe and injected via a nozzle located between the mixing drums.

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