Alexander maintaining a positive outlook regardless of election outcome

By |  October 27, 2020
Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference 2020


Editor’s note: P&Q turned to some of the industry’s leaders for their takes on the 2020 presidential election. Leaders were posed with the following questions in advance of this month’s issue: How do the potential outcomes of the upcoming presidential election impact your outlook on the aggregate industry? What effects would another four years of President Trump have on the industry? What effects would a Biden administration have on the industry?

The fundamentals of the aggregate industry are solid, and there is a strong appreciation in both political parties for the benefits of robust construction spending.

Because of its underpinning, I feel that regardless of who becomes the next president that the aggregate industry will grow and remain healthy for the foreseeable future. There are certainly policy differences in taxation and regulation with the two candidates, but both they and their parties are strong supporters of the industry, which provides optimism.

Scott Alexander is executive VP of Arcosa Aggregates.

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