Alabama producer finds solution in new wash plant

By |  December 6, 2021
Photo: CDE

All Star Sand & Gravel’s new wash plant, pictured, utilizes CDE’s M2500 and CFU technology. Photo: CDE

The time arrived for Alabama-based All Star Sand & Gravel to elevate its material processing game.

The family-owned and -operated producer unveiled plans to develop a new CDE wet processing solution for its sand and gravel pit in Marion County, Alabama.

All Star Sand & Gravel was established in 2017 and is co-owned by Richard Jones and his father, Roger. The company was founded in part to supply a range of sand and gravel for the family business’s construction activities in Greater Birmingham and neighboring counties.

The mine site where the plant will operate is situated in an older pit that processed a natural river deposit. All Star Sand & Gravel acquired the site with the goal of providing a consistent, reliable supply of construction materials.

When commissioned, the new wash plant – which utilizes CDE’s M2500 and CFCU technology – will process natural sand and gravel raw feed material at a rate of 250 tph, producing six in-spec products, including three grades of washed gravel and three washed sand products.

While much of its sand and gravel output will supply the family construction business, the company says its plant will also generate new revenue streams as it begins producing washed construction aggregate and graded golf bunker sand.

To date, the family construction company has utilized dry screened products. But Richard Jones says the development of this natural deposit marks the beginning of a new era for the business.

“We knew the raw materials in the deposit had enormous potential,” he says. “Historically, we have purchased – and produced – construction materials processed with traditional dry screening equipment. For this mine, we wanted to also have high-quality washed and approved products to open new high-end markets.”

A modern solution, he adds, was required to maximize the potential of the extracted materials.

“We could achieve the same specification of any dry screened product available in the local market – we knew that,” he says. “However, by washing the product, we could offer sand and gravel products that were of a superior quality while simultaneously maximizing material retention and our reserves.”

Tom Wick, CDE’s business development manager, says the project represents a significant milestone for both companies.

“For CDE, this is our first project in the state of Alabama, and for All Star Sand & Gravel, this is their first venture into wet processing.”

Information from this article courtesy of CDE.

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