AGG1 2018 Exhibitor Profile: Van der Graaf

By |  February 21, 2018

Booth 2006

Van der Graaf developed the GrizzlyDrive to deliver a drum motor to the market that can withstand the high-vibratory conditions and the dustiest of aggregate and mining environments. The electric motor on the GrizzlyDrive was redesigned to design “C” standards for 220 to 250 percent starting torque. Because the GrizzlyDrive can be used in high-vibratory applications like crushed or conveyors, the electric motor magnet wire is fused with 15,000 volts dielectric strength and heavier insulation. End flanges are made with a concave profile to allow dust buildup and debris between the conveyor frame and the drive to be discharged, protecting the drive, seals and belt. Additionally, the oil seals used on the GrizzlyDrive were upgraded to mechanical seals that are equipped with protectors that prevent foreign material from penetrating the seal cavity.

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