AGG1 2018 Exhibitor Profile: Superior Industries

By |  February 26, 2018

Booth 2306

Superior Industries will display its Patriot cone crusher at AGG1. The high-performance cone represents the manufacturer’s initial entry into crushing technologies for bulk-processing applications. Internally, bronze sleeve bearings are used for all moving components that are load bearing or perform load transmission. In addition, these components are cast of high-grade steel. For protection from costly structural damage, each Patriot cone crusher is equipped with fail-safe hydraulics to defend the unit against damaging mechanical overload. Also, standard relief valves within the dual-acting tramp release cylinders provide immediate, alternative protection should the accumulator fail. Engineers also developed overload sensing technology. In the event of force overload, a simple alarm can activate or optional advanced sensing technology will automatically take the necessary corrective action. This same automation can control the feed rate to optimize performance, adjust other settings and monitor critical lubrication and hydraulic parameters. The P400 model will be on display at AGG1.

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