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By |  June 8, 2016

PQ_100th-Anniversary-logoIn 1916, the world was in the grip of the Great War, which it was mostly called at the time. The United States, however, wouldn’t be joining World War I until the following year. So, back here at home, life went on pretty much as normal.

Some citizens were enjoying the experience of driving in an automobile, an invention still somewhat in its infancy, and still quite a challenge in most parts of the country where good roads didn’t yet exist.

Although wireless radio technology was invented several years prior, radio tuners that allowed for the reception of multiple stations didn’t come about until 1916. And it would be a few more years still before citizens would have radio programming to listen to. Instead, they got their news from newspapers, magazines and newsreels.

That was life in North America when Pit & Quarry magazine was first published In 1916.

Founded by Harry W. Baumgartner in Chicago, it is reported to be the first magazine specifically for nonmetallic minerals producers – mostly crushed stone, sand and gravel operations.

It was a much different industry back then.

Production levels were about one-tenth of what they are today, and the majority of operations were small, similar to some of the family-owned mom-and-pops that still exist.

Much has changed since those early days, and Pit & Quarry has brought you every big development.

Our June supplement celebrates 100 years of Pit & Quarry and the industry it covers. We thank the many hundreds of companies who have supported this publication through the decades, and a few of them tell the stories of their own histories beginning on page 28.

We also thank the many editorial contributors to Pit & Quarry – from the editors who preceded us, to the freelance writers, columnists and more.

And speaking of contributors, a few industry experts help us to look ahead to the next 100 years. Read their insights into what the industry has in store in our “Features” section.

Finally, we’d like to thank you, our readers. For 100 years, it has been your thirst for information that has driven us.

Through print, electronic means and whatever new media the future holds, we will continue to bring you up to speed on the latest industry news and the cutting-edge equipment and technology for the aggregates industry.

Stay tuned.

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Darren Constantino is an editor of Pit & Quarry magazine. He can be reached at dconstantino@northcoastmedia.net.

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