2019 state by state report: Missouri

By |  December 11, 2019
Headshot: Morgan Mundell, executive manager, Missouri Limestone Producers Association


Pit & Quarry connected with Morgan Mundell, the executive manager of the Missouri Limestone Producers Association, to discuss his optimism for the Missouri aggregate industry in 2020.

Describe the current state of the industry within Missouri in a word or two: Trending positive

His outlook for 2020: Somewhat optimistic

Factors driving his 2020 outlook: An increase in commercial construction, a strong economy in Missouri and low unemployment

Greatest opportunities available to aggregate producers in Missouri: Missouri is getting a small injection of federal funding and state bonding, which might help road and highway construction. It is, however, a short-term Band Aid for the funding in Missouri of highway infrastructure.

Photo by Pit & Quarry staff.

Photo by Pit & Quarry staff.

Greatest challenges facing producers in Missouri: Highway funding. Missouri is 49th in the nation in funding, with the seventh-largest network of roads and bridges. Workforce development is also a challenge.

On the potential for improvement in relations between producers and Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) officials: The effects of redistricting MSHA districts and combining coal and metal/nonmetal inspections are yet to be determined. This will also depend on the implementation of the workplace exam rule, as that seems to be a moving target due to the courts and MSHA decision-making.

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