2019 state by state report: Georgia

By |  December 19, 2019
Headline: Jeff Wansley, executive director, Georgia Construction Aggregate Association


Pit & Quarry connected with Jeff Wansley, the executive director of the Georgia Construction Aggregate Association, to discuss his optimism for Georgia’s aggregate industry in 2020.

Describe the current state of the industry within Georgia in a word or two: Good economy

His outlook for 2020: Somewhat optimistic

Factors driving his 2020 outlook: Growth in the state. [We’re] the number one state to do business [in].

Greatest opportunities available to aggregate producers in Georgia: Continued growth in the transportation and housing sector

Renting and leasing equipment gives producers an opportunity to take advantage of new technology without the full commitment of purchasing. Photo by Kevin Yanik

Photo by Kevin Yanik

Greatest challenges facing producers in Georgia: Weather and finding workers

On how Georgia is situated in terms of infrastructure funding for 2020 and the years to follow: Extremely well


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