W.S. Tyler forms new Innovation Department

By |  July 11, 2014

W.S. Tyler formed a new Innovation Department in North America that enhances technology and customer service by focusing on innovation, design and engineering.

The group works with its global subsidiaries in the Haver & Tyler group, which formed its first Innovation Department in Germany in 2008.

By working with other companies within the Haver & Tyler group, the department is able to develop new technologies and advancements, including high-pressure washing technology and vibration analysis technology that can connect to Wi-Fi and cloud-based technologies. With these advancements, the company hopes to expand its customer base and exceed expectations.

“To offer our customers tools to be successful, we need to reinforce our position as the industry leader in continually developing solutions that enhance profitability,” says Dieter Takev, engineering and technology manager at W.S. Tyler. “This department does that, and the results are stronger partnerships in helping customers grow.”

Since collaborating with its European counterpart, the department has developed the 10-ft. tandem F-Class machines and has invested in component improvements, all while maintaining the same footprint, price and weight of the machines.

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